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Shaping social innovation with Android.
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We are a nonprofit organisation that specialises on android technology and its social application. We sit at the intersection of innovation and empowerment to create apps driven by social impact. You should join us if:

  • You love the Android ecosystem and want to make a positive impact.
  • You have plenty of ideas to improve our society, but don’t have the skills to implement them.
  • You are passionate and willing to improve someone else’s life.
  • You think our support can help achieving your organisation’s mission.

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Our mission

Android social innovation

We aim to build digital solutions for existing social needs. Building a product is important, but not enough. In order to succeed, it has to reach a big audience and be used by the people affected by the specific need. That’s the reason why we rely on the popularity and robustness of Android to drive our goal.

Global community

The only way to find solutions to social issues is by listening to people like you and working together in a synergy. We provide with the necessary support to leverage your potential in order to change things. In other words, we promote the commitment of everybody interested in the outcome of our community projects.

For the public

We believe in open source and collaborative projects, that’s why our projects will always be available to the public. We encourage the free use, reproduction and distribution of our materials, we just require attribution for all use.

If you're not making someone else's life better, then you're wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.

Will Smith

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